As I am a Fine Art student from Liverpool I like to experiment with many things and Eco Fashion is one of my experimentation I exploring at the moment but still carrying on with my other social theme's. I got this idea to explore Eco Fashion because I am starting a beginners sewing course in September to learn how to use my sewing machine, I have learned the basics when I was in school and college and when it comes to using my own sewing machine it turns into rocket science, so this course will be really helpful. Also because my current studio practice in university is about the poverty driven side of Liverpool etc, council estates. So I put both of them together and came up with Eco Fashion as a theme. I researched a bit about Eco Fashion and looked designers and they really inspired me. at the moment I am only doing drawings of my ideas because I don't think it is an appropriate theme for my studio practice but is something I want to explore in my spare time.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Brief - Questions - Studio Practice

What is my Idea?
My idea is to create garments/dresses out of various recycled materials mainly paper. I am going to stick with the dress shape mostly because I feel it will be more displayable and will be able show more.

Where did the idea come from?
The idea came from my previous studio practice which was about the community that I live in and how the appearance is and how the community effects people with crime. Fashion partnered up with the idea because I am doing a sewing course that isn't University related it's just something that I want to do in my own time to learn a new skill. So I thought why can't I join them together and make dresses out of recycled materials, not seeing nothing like this and the idea just popped into my head. So I drew some ideas that I had in mind and started to think it could just be an idea and I won't progress with it because I started to think about all the pros and cons on how I would make and produce it. Then I went on Tumblr and seen a blog of an artist in america that makes dresses out of books so after seeing her work it made me want to do it even  more so at the moment I decided to stick with the idea and use it as my studio practice.

What type of materials will I be using and what do they relate to?
The whole theme will be recycled materials to keep it with in with my previous studio practice of the community. At first I was thinking of the community and I was going to use plants, branches, wood, litter and paper. Now I'm thinking about the materials and want something that is life long like paper so I've decided not to use plants and use a more durable material. My main material will be paper because that is more durable and structured and can be used is many ways. I'm going to use news paper because it has the news of Liverpool and is related to my previous studio practice of the community.

Will my sculptures be wearable?
No, I want my pieces to be viewed as art as a sculpture/Installation not an item that you can wear on a day to day basis.

What size will the sculptures be?
The sculptures will be life size and be the standard size of clothing.

How does the dress shape relate to my idea?
This is a big question that I had to think about because I was going to use the dress with out a meaning so I wanted to link it to some king of topic so I chose dream. I know girls dream of having big expensive dress designed by designers that probably cost an arm and a leg so I wanted to link it to my previous studio practice of the community. The community is run by the council and it's not the best of places to live. The council estate is known for crime, drugs and youths. so my link would be girls would dream of having amazing dress that are elegant and sophisticated but often can not be afforded due to income by not having a job and the type of life they live.

How will the cast be made?
I am going to be using a mannequin and that will be my base to build upon. I will be using paper as my base to build around and on it as a surface.

What equipment will I need?
I am going to use any kind of tape that is sticky and a glue gun to make sure that the sculpture holds together. And my mannequin will be my main part of my sculpture but I have to make my sculpture so I can take it on and off the mannequin because every time I make a new dress I don't want to have to buy a new mannequin because there not cheap. I'm going to do this buy doing a slice down the whole dress and using Velcro to stick it back together so in that case I can take it on and off.

( These are few questions that I was thinking about so I wanted to make sure I was clear on what I was doing.)

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