As I am a Fine Art student from Liverpool I like to experiment with many things and Eco Fashion is one of my experimentation I exploring at the moment but still carrying on with my other social theme's. I got this idea to explore Eco Fashion because I am starting a beginners sewing course in September to learn how to use my sewing machine, I have learned the basics when I was in school and college and when it comes to using my own sewing machine it turns into rocket science, so this course will be really helpful. Also because my current studio practice in university is about the poverty driven side of Liverpool etc, council estates. So I put both of them together and came up with Eco Fashion as a theme. I researched a bit about Eco Fashion and looked designers and they really inspired me. at the moment I am only doing drawings of my ideas because I don't think it is an appropriate theme for my studio practice but is something I want to explore in my spare time.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Carrie Ann Schumacher

Carrie Ann is the first artist I've seen that makes similar pieces but using romance novels. She isn't well known all around the world for her work but she is noticed in a few places. When I seen her work it made me want to pursue my idea and see what I could create. Her work made me excited and inspired to see what I could produce with my own ideas. Her work was the first thing that made me realize what my idea was and put it into context and realization what and how I was going to do it.
Her work is amazing and inspiring. She creates different types of elegant and sophisticated dresses that are made out of book pages from romance novels. She uses a variety of techniques to create her dresses but she tends to layer her pieces to create pattern and texture which is what I'm going to use when I create mine.  

(These images are provided by and these are a couple of examples of her work.)

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